Mark Topping

Actor & Voiceover

The personal website of Mark Topping. Voiceover artist and actor based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

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Stage: Travesties (2017), Four Minutes Twelve Seconds (2017), Anne Boleyn (2017). A Chorus of Disapproval (2016),  Much Ado About Nothing (2015), Yes, Prime Minister (2014), An Evening With John Wesley (see below), An Impossible God (see below). 

Mark has appeared on BBC TV as Rev John Wesley. 

He is the Mission Commander for Laser Quest in UK and France.

This voice speaks into the soul. Word made flesh through theatre.
— The Times

An Impossible God

Palestine AD32 is brought to life as those caught up in the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus tell of what they witnessed. A soldier, a scribe, disciples, a centurion... 11 characters share their experiences from the Garden of Gethsemane, through Golgotha to the supper at Emmaus and the Mount of Olives.

An Impossible God is a powerful exploration of events at the heart of the Christian faith. Captivating for people of any faith or none.



I felt I stood in the presence
of John Wesley. History is
brought to life.
— Rev. Norman Wallwork

John Wesley

Mark has been performing as John Wesley for nearly 20 years, staging hundreds of events. 

The drama explores Wesley’s adventurous life – including his confrontations with drunken mobs which were frequently stirred up to disrupt his preaching.

“Wesley is a fascinating character who had an extraordinary life,” says Mark. “He had a profound effect on people and how they lived their lives. He was a gifted communicator and speaks with great charm, directness and wit. I use his own words from his journal, letters and sermons to tell the story.”

Wesley (1703-1791) was a Church of England priest who spent 50 years travelling England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland on horseback, preaching in the open air. He founded Methodism which became a separate church after his death.